Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why detox? Why it is extra important after you take prescription meds.

Since it is #TransformationTuesday I thought I would share my husband Randy Silbaugh and my results when we did the #detox .

I am preparing to do it again after Thanksgiving. Decided to peek into the folder where I saved some of the pictures I took of the food I ate.
21 days.
No sugar.
No Alcohol.
LOTS of whole food. 
That might sound frightening, but once you have done it and FEEL it, you are SOLD on feeling that way instead of self medicating with booze, toxic processed food, and drugs.


I am getting over pneumonia and am on antibiotics... and that just isn't gonna cut it. It is a LAST resort because of what it does to the body.

That is why this detox is SO IMPORTANT!

This detox will heal and improve my GI health, which is SO needed after taking prescription meds. It also PULLS toxins from my body and FAT CELLS! I don't know about you, but for me... Pills PUFF. It will help me reduce inflammation in my body. Inflammation causes disease and illness... Did I mention I am over not feeling well? Yes? Okay just making sure.
It also fights free radicals which cause cancer and mutates our cells. Yeah... been down the cancer road, been there, done that, no thanks.
Guys it is only 21 days and LOOK at some of the YUMMY food I get to eat!!! Its safe, healthy and will IMPROVE my health vs. hurting it with starvation or breaking down my digestive system which is what most detoxes do.
I am offering 3 rounds of this detox if you are ready.
1 after Thanksgiving.
1 after Christmas
1 after the New year.
Did I mention it is half the cost than most juice cleanses? YES PLEASE. BTW... I am not an advocate of juice cleanses. I don't trust starvation or liquid only diets. Starvation and liquid only BREAK DOWN your digestive system... no bueno. Not good. This IMPROVES my health vs. hurting it and it is HANDS DOWN our most impactful // life changing // health restoring PRODUCT!
hit me up if you want to join me!
Feel what it feels like to feel GOOD naturally.

Send me a message HERE and let's get your kit so you are READY!
Once you have your kit I will add you to the group page HERE.

Your body knows what it needs to heal itself. The question is ... will you let it?

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