Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why it is important to detox before you start an exercise program

This is the last weight you will see me hold until after Christmas, because I will be detoxing starting on Sunday! The doctor said "NO EXERCISE" because of my pneumonia so I am SO STOKED I have this solution to help me get my body back to a fresh start and ready for my next program.
When you #detox it is already giving your body a serious internal workout, It’s important to allow my nervous system to remain in a relaxed state, and to refrain from asking my body to repair muscle tissue at the same time it’s cleansing and releasing toxins.
This pneumonia fiasco has really rocked my world so I am listening and I am putting down my weights and focusing on restoring, reclaiming and renewing my health.
I WILL be doing breathing exercises to further detox, energize my cells, relax, and remain focused.
Stretching in the form of yoga to allow myself to feel more open, alive, and in touch with mybody.
Walking twice a day to help with more circulation that will help speed up the release of toxins that are held in my body.
Last time I did this detox I lost 12 pounds and after these antibiotics I sure would like to feel less plump... so bring it on!!!
If you are wanting to start a health and fitness routine, I HIGHLY suggest getting out all the toxins first. Toxins are held in our fat cells, so that is why SO MANY people get colds and sickness after they start. Do yourself a favor and remove the toxins FIRST!

If you are wanting to do a  DETOX  hit me up! 

I help people get healthy naturally. Being a cancer survivor I learned how necessary it is to detox after indulging. I have got your back! My passion is to help others stay cancer free. I have searched the world high and low and have found the BEST highest QUALITY natural products to help get the gunk out naturally, They are SAFE, healthy and will IMPROVE your health vs. hurting it with starvation or breaking down your digestive system which is what most detoxes do. So EMAIL ME and let's get started! 

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