Saturday, November 18, 2017

Antibiotics... how they help and how they harm, and how to be proactive

GOOD MORNING! It is my last day of antibiotics and I could not be happier. Antibiotics are extremely helpful—they kill bad bacteria, stopping them from multiplying and allowing the body to fight back. But because they kill good bacteria, too, they can also do some pretty significant damage.

You know how antibiotics can sometimes get things moving down there a little faster than you'd like? That's because they're going to town on all kinds of bacteria—good and bad—totally disrupting the order of command in your intestines. Some people never recover. Researchers found that participants who took more than three antibiotics within a 5-year period were 1.5 times more likely to develop irritable bowel disease #IBS —specifically, ulcerative colitis or #Crohns disease.

Then there is the damage to your waistline... You're probably aware by now that there are antibiotics in your meat—but do you know why they're there? They're used to fatten up cows and chickens before they're slaughtered. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that antibiotic use in childhood not only influences childhood weight gain, but weight gain for years to come as well.

Then there is the affects to your brain...When antibiotics annihilate the bacteria in your gut—good and bad—they're affecting your mind, too. According to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, just a single course of antibiotics may be associated with a higher risk of #depression and #anxiety .

So this is why I am doing a 21 day detox after Thanksgiving. Because I feel like a plumped up chicken, My mind is definitely hazy, and I sure don't like running to the toity.

ONE of the awesome supplements I will be taking on the detox has an ABUNDANCE off Bacillus coagula which is the most most impactful probiotic out there! It REALLY helps people who struggle with gut health/ tummy issues.

The detox also comes with an anti-inflammatory that soothes your digestive system, Fights #Cancer cells and also boosts BRAIN FUNCTION!! HOLLA!!!

That is just a few things it does. Its safe, botanical, organic healthy and will IMPROVE your health vs. hurting it with starvation or breaking down your digestive system which is what most detoxes do.

If you are wanting to do a post holiday DETOX or CLEANSE hit me up! 

I help people get healthy naturally. Being a cancer survivor I learned how necessary it is to detox after indulging. I have got your back! My passion is to help others stay cancer free. I have searched the world high and low and have found the BEST highest QUALITY natural products to help get the gunk out naturally, They are SAFE, healthy and will IMPROVE your health vs. hurting it with starvation or breaking down your digestive system which is what most detoxes do. So EMAIL ME and let's get started! 

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