Friday, November 10, 2017

Parents! I need your HELP!

Mom's and Dads!!

I need some testers!

If you follow me on social media you probably know this:

1. I am a cancer survivor that is passionate about helping people get healthy.
2. My kids are all grown up and married!!!

These two things may seem unrelated but here’s the deal:
Every time my company launches a new program, I do it so I know what it’s like and who it’s for. I never recommend something I haven't tried myself!!!

Until now...

They just launched one—for families. You literally need a partner to be able to do the moves. It’s especially designed for parents to bond with their kids. So I need your help!!

If you or a family you know is interested in spending some healthy, active time together, send them my way for more information. Remember Christmas break is coming with LOTS of downtime and treats that is aiding to the epidemic of childhood obesity. One out of 5 kids is struggling with obesity and we HAVE to do something!!!!

The kids need to be old enough to hold a ball, pass it, and follow directions. It looks super fun! And your kid will get a free t-shirt for completing the program!

You’ll also get access to all the adult programs we offer for a year, so if Mom or Dad wants to do something more intense, we’ve got you covered.

Sharing is caring... can you please help me find people who are looking for a solution to:
1. Spend quality time with their kids away from video games.
2. Teach their kids healthy habits so we can end this trend of obesity.

I have this status set to Public so you can share it with friends or tag them below. Any families that are interested can private message me or send me an email at 💕


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