Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling better

With a little over a week to go, I think we are ready for our dog clothes show in Baltimore. I am super excited to meet up with some of our supermodels from http://www.obsessivechihuahuadisorder.com/ and their Mom and Dad too =) It may sound easy enough, but it isn't. The rules are so strict. Packing everything up and getting it to Baltimore safely has been weighing heavily on my mind for sure. It is interfering with my cooking.  Tonight I made taco's for the crew. We had several people in and out amongst my extremely messy house. Filled with dog clothes and suitcases and stuffed dog models. That alone is enough to make me go mad. I do not like clutter. Oh well. This will all be over soon enough. This weekend we will be going to the America's Family Pet Expo Apr 16, 2010 - Apr 18, 2010 and will be getting my daughter's feet wet in our business at Booth 1339. Not that we didn't already have enough on our plate with the Baltimore show... but at least this one is close.

Tomorrow night I am making Chicken Parmesan with my homemade fettucine noodles. I am not creating anything new. There will be all the regular stuff going on here until after these shows are over. Which really stinks for those of you wanting a new recipe. If I had time, I would, it would actually help calm my nerves. Who knows. I may surprise you... and myself!


  1. Can't wait to meet you in 2 weeks! I'm so excited to hear how your daughter does at the show this weekend.
    Make a yummy cake as a congrats to her when she completes the show :-)

  2. Thanks Nikki! I will! I am super excited to see you and Jay and your babies!!


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