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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I spent more time in Government offices today. Packed up for the pet expo. Did some more designing of marketing materials. Then ordered such materials. Shipped out my orders. Next thing I knew it was 5pm. Not to worry. I pulled my quick and easy meal out of my hat. I had a head of cabbage and 4 packs of freshly made soba noodles (you can find these in the fresh produce isle of your grocery store). I shredded the cabbage, chopped up 1lb of chicken into 1 inch pieces. Put 1 TB oil in a skillet, heated to 375... poured in chicken. Poured in 2 cups YOSHIDA's original sauce. After chicken was halfway cooked, poured in the cabbage and stirred to let wilt. Poured in fresh soba noodles and cooked for about 5 minutes. TADA!

Perfect easy delicious SO NOT GOURMET meal. But hey, we all were fed and I can get back to work.