Friday, April 30, 2010

Pet shows, dog clothes, expos OH MY

OK, I am so sorry it has been forever. I have really been working non stop. I have cooked a little, but it has been my spaghetti with italian sausage and other quick items like that. We have been gone to Baltimore Maryland for a Pet Industry show for our dog clothes business. It was LONG days preparing for the show. Then a day flying there, then a day setting up, then the show was 3 days, then a day to tear down.My favorite part of my time was meeting Nikki, Jay and their 3 fur babies, who are our models.
As most of you know, Nikki writes and does the best job. I am always on there reading her blog. She just posted a blog about kitchen items for your dog, and I am going to go buy them now. =)
Here is a picture of all of us together at the show:

Aren't our babies cute?  Can't wait to meet up with Nikki and Jay again. It will happen.

 We were able to catch a few sites along the way. We went to Charm City cakes,

Then spent the day in Washington DC to see the white house and all that other stuff.

Any way. Because I have been on the east coast and had no kitchen, no way to cook etc.. BUT we had some gooooooood eats on this trip. Hands down the BEST italian food I have ever had EVER is from a little place in Baltimore Maryland, in Little Italy called Dalesios
Heavens. I am not kidding. We ended up going there the last 2 nights we were in town because all we could think of was their food. I would LOVE to have their recipe for their cream of Lump crab soup. Spicy and creamy goodness with FRESH crab. Oh my. I cannot say enough. If you are ever in Baltimore it is a MUST.
For my Antipasti  I had Soup DuJour -  which was the crab soup. Lord, if you really care about me, you will send the recipe my way. It was only $6

Next I had Granchio Ancona which is: Lump crab meat topped with alfredo sauce Served over linguine.
I tried so hard to finish this dish. I was so full. I could not do it. I LOVED and savored every single bite. The fresh made pasta and fresh crab just sent my taste buds into heaven. I had a chianti, I wish I remember the name. It was a decent wine that paired perfectly with my food and it was only $30. In a nutshell this Dalesios in Baltimore Maryland is a MUST. It is easy on the paycheck and yummy to your tummy. I may just have to do the pet industry show their next year if only to eat there every night.

I will be back cooking on Sunday. Meaning I will be back to blogging about my cooking on Sunday. We have another dog show tomorrow and then Sunday is my grocery day so I will meal plan and start posting recipes for all of you again.

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