Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly Gluten-Free Recipe Round-up

Are you all excited for this long holiday weekend? I sure am! My daughter turns 20 on Monday! I am spending the weekend out in the country with her and her friends. She rented a little home out on a ranch and I love it! Now she is surrounded by acres of nature. I am going to be planting a little garden for her this weekend. What are all your plans for the holiday weekend?

Time for me to make the traditional empanadas and strawberry cake she asks for every year. My little baby is no longer a teenager, but she still likes the same items every year on her birthday! Thought you might want to see what she looks like all grown up, so here is a picture of us 3 months ago at my 40th birthday party. Happy Birthday Goose!

I am taking a little break giving you all the gluten-free dishes I brought to you this week. Enjoy!

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