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Friday, July 22, 2016

21 day weightloss transformation

I promised my results in 21 days and here they are:

I lost 11.5 inches in 21 days. What did I do?

1 Shakeology Superfood Shake a day
30 minutes of guided exercise a day

I eat clean yummy food, and I commit to pushing play no matter what. I check in online with my peeps. We are all working toward similar goals so they keep me going and vice versa. That has made all the difference for me. However I realize some people are private and want one on one help. I do that too! We have something for everyone. 

At any rate.. this program I used is on sale for just $10 with the purchase of your shakes for one more week. You save $60 and even get a cute tank top for finishing. 

Look, the time is going to pass anyway. Give me 21 days and 30 minutes a day and let's have you ending your Summer STRONG!

Hit me up when you are ready! momwhatsfordinner@yahoo.com 

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