Friday, July 22, 2016

Your only limit is you

I have been reading through emails tonight. The response to our 21 day results has been amazing, so if I haven't responded I promise I am getting back to you.
So many people saying they have been holding themselves back. The excuses I hear for people not starting their journey:
I am afraid of failing
I have never been successful before
It's too expensive
I don't have energy

Just to name a few. 
Let me just make something clear. The only way you fail is if you don't try. Have you ever really tried? With me? With my team? And don't you even tell me it is too expensive. I see you buying a bag of chips for $4 and a Starbucks for $5 and a Jamba Juice for $6.... You just CHOOSE to put the wrong things in your body.

Ever crave a banana after you eat one? No. because you are giving your body nutrients. Give your body a bag of chips and it wants another bag of chips... because it is craving nutrients. Feed the body nutrients and KILL cravings forever!
It is a choice. It saves me hundreds of dollars a month. I was blessed through my cancer battle to have the opportunity to get educated in nutrition and what my body needs to survive and keep cancer away. It is nearly impossible to do nowdays, unless you are super diligent (can you eat 5 spinach salads a day? I can't!) to get your nutrients. You NEED to supplement your diet unless again... like I said... you are super diligent. I consider myself pretty strict and committed and I was nowhere close to my nutritional needs. So no.. it is NOT expensive. It is less than a latte a day and has your entire nutritional needs and then some.
Last but not least... you don't have energy because you don't have proper nutrition.
There... I just answered the top 4 objections I get from people who come to me to start their health journey, but fail to take the leap to commit.
YOU are the only thing standing in your way. Start being your own advocate rather than the person keeping you in chains.
Let's do this.

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