Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Help end the childhood obesity epidemic

1 out of 5 kids are obese in America.

That is TEN TIMES more than 40 years go. 
You guys... we can do BETTER!!! 

We have to SAVE OUR KIDS!!!!!!!!
I REFUSE to be in this line of work and NOT do something.

The average child spends 6 HOURS in front of a screen of a TV, Computer, Phone or tablet.
So I am reaching out to you to HELP ME help the kids of this country. I am putting together a group of parents and kids in my first ever FAMILY challenge.
Each day I will share healthy kid friendly recipes that they can GET INVOLVED and help you make.
I will have a GUIDED workout that is done PARTNER style... that's right Mom and Dad... you will be doing fun activities WITH your kids that will help you BOTH get your daily movement in.
I will give you a calendar that you and your child can fill in and once completed... we will send your child a free t-shirt so they can be PROUD of their accomplishment.
I am hoping to get 10 families who are ready to say NOT US to this obesity epidemic.
The way I look at it, you are either HELPING change the world or you are just letting this epidemic take over and claim the lives of these precious kids. With the Holidays upon us... it is our RESPONSIBILITY to STEP UP and show this next generation that they have to power to live long happy healthy lives free from disease.
Are you willing to help?
or get your kit HERE

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