Thursday, October 26, 2017

Eat yourself SKINNY and get Hot for the Holidays!

I am getting super excited for my Hot for the Holidays group that starts MONDAY and will continue through the New Year. I just uploaded 80 of my best healthy clean recipes that include a lot of sweet treats to help combat that sweet tooth while staying on track in your goals. One thing I will promise you ... we EAT. Most likely you don't eat enough. Most people eat too much of the wrong thing and not enough of the right thing. This group will help you learn what portions, and what food groups you are lacking in, all while eating like a King or Queen.

Excited to help YOU!
If you aren't signed up yet, just shoot me a quick email here: 

What is this group about? 
30 minutes of guided exercise each day.
3 meals 2 snacks each day.
Guided Nutrition.

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