Sunday, October 1, 2017

The key to a good night's sleep

That feeling when you get an AMAZING nights sleep!

Along with diet, exercise and mindfulness, #sleep has the power to change your life, so I teamed up with the BEST hybrid mattress company out there... Tomorrow Sleep! @tomorrow 

This #mattress is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer, and the ONLY mattress designed to adjust to your body temperature and provide the support essential to restorative sleep.

The better you understand what you do while you sleep, the more you can improve how you feel when you step out of bed. There are three key stages of sleep, and each one plays its part — from restoring our mind and body, to helping us process memory, emotion and information. When we spend enough time in each stage, we wake up feeling fresh and energized, ready to take on the day ahead.

I have been sleeping on an expensive temperpedic for the majority of my adult life and to be honest... it hurts my back. It has been amazing to sleep on this new mattress and be able to wake up pain free. Struggling with slipped discs, I NEED support and this medium firm hybrid mattress does the trick!

Check them out, and                                                                                                     
   get $150 off any mattress use code DINNER150 at checkout (expires 12/31/17).


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