Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It is time to get hot for the holidays!

Yep that is me! 
21 days apart no less. Because I have a system and it truly works!
It's that whole food, move your body fad. 

For the past 3 years I have been running a group in November and December to help people slim down for the holidays,while taking a couple days off to enjoy the holiday and then get right back at it again. The average person gains TEN POUNDS during November and December. I am here to help you beat those odds. 

Time to pick out a cute Thanksgiving and Christmas dress and start working toward looking hot for the holidays! 

It will take 30 minutes of your time each day.
You can stream your workouts to any device.
I help you with your meals... you can still eat what you like but let me help you tweak the ingredients so it is helping not harming. 
You will meet a lot of cool friends that are all working toward a common goal. 
There will be fun prizes and games along the way. 

SO ... what are you waiting for? I am here to help you. I am going to be doing it all with you, because I would never ask a client to do something I am not doing myself. 

Hit me up! We start Monday!

Warning: May cause weightloss, happiness, and confidence.

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