Sunday, October 29, 2017

The missing piece to generate a flow of income for yoga and fitness professionals

"So ... what do you mean you teach fitness and yoga online? I don't get how?"
Common question if you could believe it!

YES! Yes I do and I have a BLAST doing it!
Met this chic @morissa_yoga on instagram 3 years ago. We just had our "friendaversary" last week! She is a yoga teacher, I am a yoga teacher. We both posted our practice online and met that way. So we metup in person and have been great friends ever since. She saw me making an income at this coaching gig and joined my team of life changers so she could say YES to the classes she WANTS to teach and NO to the ones she doesn't. It is called creating your life by design, not by default.

So many go to #YTT (Yoga teacher training) and come out so ready to make it their career, only to lose their passion because of the commuting from studio to studio, and pounding the pavement trying to get their name out there and get people to their classes. So I help fitness professionals generate income from sharing their knowledge online for those that can't get to a class!
If you are a fitness professional that is tired of the grind and really wanting to share your passion AND get paid. Let's talk. Don't lose your fire... it is meant to be shared and I have got an amazing platform for you to share on!
#Teamwork makes the dream work! So join my team and lets get you living the life you were created for! 

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