Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's End the trend of obesity in this nation

How can I help others and expect others to get vulnerable with me, if I am not willing to share my weaknesses? 

On the left I was miserable. I was 6 weeks post cancer. I actually had just returned from my first yoga class ever and my daughter made me take the picture. She said one day I would be glad I had it. She knew I had begun my fight for my life back. So while I don't like the way I look, I am proud to have that picture. That is what I fought back from. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

On the right is me today. Just a few minutes ago. Still not happy to have the picture taken, and still my daughter is saying: "you will be glad you did!" So I am baring my soul to you today. 

Please don't wait. I am not done, and I will never ever ever be done because no matter what excuses you are telling yourself, I can promise you there is so much life and happiness on the other side of it. Yes there were times it was hard. Yes there are times I fail and take a mis-step. I am not perfect, but I have found the solution that works. Accountability, Motivation, Education and Support.

I am working for abs this year and I know it will happen. But this is me a 41 year old cancer survivor... don't tell me you can't do it. I know better.

If you are on the left. Please contact me in private I can help you change your life. I am not going to force products on you. Many of my solutions are free. My services are free. Let me know how I can help you today. Let's #endTheTrend of obesity in this nation!

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