Thursday, August 20, 2015

Complete mind and body transformation

10 months ago I made one small shift that completely transformed me.💪
💪My body changed, 
💜my energy changed. 
💑My relationships improved. 
👭My friendships increased.
💹 In 10 short months I ranked in the top 300 (out of 350,000)in a company of incredible health & fitness professionals.💜
I'm surrounded by positivity, 
👭incredible friends with the same passions, ✈
I am traveling the globe, and it is my job to work on bettering myself so I can continue to hold space for others. 💜

If you want to be:
 💪 healthy, 
:) happy, 
then this is your sign. My personal coach apprenticeship is starting soon. 
✔ Don't miss the boat. ⛵
Head on over to www.nourishthecommunity.comand click the "Take the challenge" button. 💪

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