Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weightloss transformation and now it is your turn

Every day closer to my goals. 
This picture on left is me before: Constantly gave excuses on why I should be able to eat what I want. I used to say: "I deserve to live!" Boy did I get a slap in the face when that "living" turned out to be killing me. Besides, I knew I was lying to myself and I knew how unhappy and miserable I was. I was so tired all the time, yet I had so much trouble sleeping. This picture was taken 6 weeks post op of having my cancer‬ removed.

Picture on right ...Now: Happy, Healthy, Fit, and now you couldn't pay me to put that genetically modified, enriched, full of sugar, crappy food in my mouth. Now I still eat what I love, I learned tricks along the way I share them in my book Nourish @nourishtheworkshop
80% Nutrition and 20% exercise is where it is at and I could not do it without all the love, inspiration and motivation from my team. Accountability‬ is where it is at. If I didn't have it, I am not sure how far along I would be.
My next accountability group is starting up just after the labor day holiday. If you are the person on the left... Or somewhere in between...I Would love to help you, while working at it right along with you. ‪#‎YouCanDoIt‬
You know what to do! 

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