Friday, August 21, 2015

Hip Hop Dance your way to fitness

Hey everyone!  I want to just let you know of a new group that will be starting soon.
If you like to dance, love Zumba or just want a break from the traditional workout (no lunges, squats or push ups here), you are going to absolutely LOVE this! I cannot tell you enough how this program is SO so much fun ... and absolutely perfect to get the kids involved! Who doesn't love to dance?!
What is different about this program? It is choreographed hip hop by professional dancers to current popular music that is on the radio now. :)
I will be hosting an exclusive challenge group starting the day after Labor day (to allow some holiday fun first) September 8th where we will all dance our way to a bikini body along with a brand new complete meal plans from me!
Extra perk: 
Who wants to come dance with me? 
I am a certified cize live instructor, but the Cize program is different than Cize live. So at the end of this group, I will be giving a free cize live session on google plus for all to do with me :)
Want in?
Simply go to and click "Take the Challenge" or email me at and let me know you want in and I will get you all the deets. 
Or click to purchase HERE.
Don't wait. Groups fill up fast!

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