Monday, August 10, 2015

Dream job, dream team, dream life, why not you?

Part of me wants to shrivel up & die sharing this 🙈 & the other part is excited to share, because I know how many people this can help.
This is a birds-eye view of just the beginning potential you have when deciding to share your fitness journey while helping others. This is what has happened to me in the 9 months since I started. On month 10 now, the happiest I have ever been. The fittest I have ever been. My life is full of the most amazing souls who fill my heart with joy and uplift and motivate me daily.
Sure there are plenty of others who do what I do who have made more than me and on the same note others who have made far less, but I can only share MY journey & MY experience & how I turned my journey into something positive. Something that has helped me and so many others in the most amazing way.
My work is about helping people, PERIOD, end of story. 
I live in abundance because I offer gratitude, bless & take care of my‪#‎TeamNourish‬ and care deeply about my coaches & challengers. I also wake up each day and choose to take care of myself.

I do not coach those who just want to make money. You must have purpose & passion! PLEASE only reach out if you want to help others & commit to living healthy.
Do you have to be a nutrition/fitness saint everyday? NO! BUT you HAVE to be AUTHENTIC & you have to be passionate about being a good example to others AND YOURSELF!!!
If you're not there yet there is no better way then stepping into a coaching role and changing your life by default because of a choice you made. I posted earlier about an opportunity to learn more, so if you didn't see it look back on my feed.

I can only help people LIKE ME; those who are either fitness professionals, yoga teachers, influencers, &/OR those who want to get fit AND WANT to change their lives without excuses. 
If you are ready to make a difference. Contact me at

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