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Saturday, December 25, 2010


I hope all of you had a great Christmas. I was reminded today how many readers I have. My inbox was quite active. Sometimes I look at my "Followers" link and just think it is a small amount. Until I get email after email from all over the place, people I do not know. It is wonderful. I enjoy every bit o it. Every question. Thank you all out there. Even if you are not a "registered follower" I treasure you all.

Today was Christmas day. I had the joy of making my gluten-free cinnamon rolls for a beloved gluten-intollerant family ( I love you Griffith family!) . They are like family to me in more ways than one. I had company in from out of town, they were swamped with company too and making it to see them was out of the question, but I made them the rolls for Christmas morning, and I must say. I think I got more joy out of that, than anything else this Christmas day. I love to cook (duh!). I especially love to cook for those that appreciate it. They called, and messaged me saying how good they were. "The best gluten or non gluten cinnamon rolls I have ever had". Ok, you may not understand, but to me that was the best gift I could receive. Knowing my food made someone happy.

I got everything I wanted this year, and then some. A lot of cooking gadgets, a new camera for better cooking pictures and an adorable coach purse. What more could I ask for? Happy eaters!!! And I got those too!!!
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope yours was as blessed as mine!
From our family to yours

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