Thursday, October 31, 2013

Plate Toppers

I was sent a sample of Plate Topper and it passed my testing with flying colors, so I wanted to share information about it with you!
Plate Topper is the world’s first airtight, BPA -free cover for plates. It saves time, eliminates food waste and saves sanity in fussing with plastic wrap and aluminum foil! The Plate Topper is the perfect solution for keeping leftovers preserved in the fridge or microwave and is also great for transporting food to and from parties, picnics or family gatherings. 
They stack easily in the fridge too.
These cool plate toppers aid me in my constant quest to lower my carbon footprint. No plastic wrap is better for the environment.
They come in two sizes, Original and mini. They also come in four colors.
Available online at

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