Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Year is upon us

Any one else feeling like this?! 
I know i sure do! I have been off clean eating for. A few weeks getting ready for my New Year detox No one wants to think about health and fitness right now. I get it but I know as soon as Jan 1 hits it’s going to be GAME ON for myself and A LOT of people.

I have A LOT going on in January and am inviting anyone who wants help to join me. Whether you want to detox from all the sugar over the holidays or if you want to lose some weight, gain some weight, gain flexibility or strength. I am here to help.
My online groups are fun, motivating, unintimidating, supportive environments. It’s a community, all working to better their health; whatever that looks like to them. Its inspiring to see these amazing people kick sugar and junk food cravings, fit into clothes they haven’t fit into in years, be able to have the energy to take on a new hobby or keep up with their kids, sleep better, have better moods and overall better confidence. Health is SO much more than a number on a scale and we don’t focus on that. We focus on overall whole body wellness!
Would love to help you out too. If you are interested in joining comment below or shoot me an email
You still have time to misbehave but let's prepare you for the new year now!

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