Sunday, September 25, 2011

Caprese Appetizer

I was going for finger food tonight. I got some great cappiello small mozzerella balls at the deli. Instantly my mind went to tomatoes, garlic and basil. Add a little balsamic and you have the perfect healthy appetizer. I always keep pickled garlic in the fridge. My girlfriend got me a flat of mason jars so I can't wait to make a bunch more pickled garlic! I put it in everything from salad, to bread to anything savory. yum.

Back to my caprese appetizer. Quick, easy, yummy...

Cherry tomatoes cut in half
mozzerella balls
pickled garlic

Add mozzerella, tomatoes, pickled garlic sliced, add balsamic. Toss tomatoes and cheese and garlic a few times in the balsamic. With a toothpick add a tomato half, cheese, slice of pickled garlic and a basil leaf. Tada! Easy Peasy! It makes a nice garnish on the plate too. =)

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