Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vigiluccis Italian Gluten Free Review

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As some of you have read, we have a house guest. Our other "daughter" Doris is from Italy. She is staying with us until the 1st of the Year. Her family just flew here from Milan Italy and we met them for the first time. So we all met up at Vigiluccis located at 2943 State Street in Carlsbad California. A classic Italian Restaurant that sticks to authentic Italian Cuisine. It really felt like I was in Italy. Eating wonderful food and being surrounded by a table of Italians!
Besides the wide variety of naturally gluten free menu items they have, we were so excited to learn they have a gluten free pasta menu!
Randy and Taylor both ordered appetizers. I was saving room for my meal. Randy got the Carpaccio di Manzo which is thinly sliced raw filet mignon topped with olive oil, lemon juice, capers and shallots. Taylor and him both enjoyed it very much.
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Taylor got the Polenta e Gamberi appetizer which is Jumbo Prawns sauteed with diced tomatoes and served with Crispy Polenta. She loved it.
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Randy ordered us a nice petite syrah to start off the meal.
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For the main course, Randy ordered Cioppino which is mussels, clams, prawns, scallops, lobster, catch of the day in a zesty garlic tomato sauce and GF pasta. He loved it.
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Taylor had a hard time deciding. The waiter was very kind and patient with her. She finally ordered Chicken Marsala, because she loves my Chicken Saltimbocca and I told her it was similar, served with gluten free penne pasta and vegetables.
DSC01564 (1024x768)DSC01559 (1024x768)
I ordered ricotta ravioli with pesto sauce. Yum.
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We were all very impressed with our meal. The wonderful food surrounded by people speaking fluent italian really made my night! We finished with food and the kids were ready to go out on the town.
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Doris’ Cousin and boyfriend, My daughter Taylor, Doris and Josh.

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