Friday, September 16, 2011

STACK Las Vegas

Our first night out in Vegas we went to STACK. Neither of us were starving, but we wanted to eat something. STACK is known for their Hot Rock Appetizer and their Adult Tater Tots. Perfect for when you just want a light snack. We were seated right away at a nice table.
My Friend Nikki of OCD (Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder) ordered a Cadillac Margarita. It is a very strong drink, as if it isn't strong enough, it comes with a mini bottle of Grand Mariner that you are supposed to pour on top of it.
It was too strong for her to finish it. So if you order this drink, be sure to know it is STRONG!

I ordered the Adult Tater Tots. I have had them before and I have learned how to make them at home. This is what STACK's adult tater tots look like:

And here are what mine look like:
You can make your own with the recipe here.
I love these tots. Everytime I come to Vegas, I will make a pit stop at STACK to get them.

Nikki Ordered the Hot Rock appetizer.

This dish is prepared by you at your table. The server brings a real HOT rock in a bamboo basket to you table along with marinated thin strips of beef. You put the strips of beef on the hot rock for 5 seconds per side and it is delicious.

All in all I enjoy STACK for appetizers or for happy hour. It is a nice way to start out an evening in Las Vegas.


  1. I may not be able to make it to Vegas, but thanks to your link-I will be able to enjoy some of the food. Thanks for pulling it out of archives because I missed it originally. Great recipe-Yum!

  2. Ok, I'm so very intrigued by what makes these adult tater tots. I need to go look at your recipe.

    Thanks for the review of the recipe. I don't know if I'll get to Las Vegas either, but who knows.


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