Monday, November 21, 2011

Gluten-Free Grab and go pick of the week

Taylor is headed off to work again.
 It is the same scenario. Me yelling "Wait! Did you grab something to eat on your break?!?!?!"
This time she gave me that "duh Mom" look. I was delighted that she had chosen a Candice foods Energy Bar. Their Energy Bars are a gluten, casein and allergen free product including no nuts, corn, soy, egg or dairy! She is lucky if she even gets 5 minutes to put something in her tummy when she is busy on the job, so this product is PERFECT for her! If you have not heard of Candice Foods, you definately should try them. I consider Taylor to be pretty picky about pre-packaged food. So to find something she likes that she can eat on the go and the fact it has nutritional value... that is priceless to me. So for that reason, Candice Foods gets our Gluten-Free Grab and Go pick of the week.
They have many flavors:
Blueberry Vanilla Protein Bar
Chocolate Cherry Protein Bar
Chocolate Fudge Protein Bar
Chocolate Mint Protein Bar
Chocolate Orange Protein Bar
Mocha Java Protien Bar
and Raspberry Bannana  
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