Monday, February 8, 2010

Democracy in action

So, tonight I have to speak at a board meeting regarding basketball and how the Principal has displayed Nepotism at it's best. I also have to pack for my trip to Oregon. So guess what I resorted to?

Beef Stew.
That is right.
I got some top round. Cut it into squares. Browned them in oil and salt and pepper. Tossed them in flour. Threw them in the crock pot with some leeks, carrots, potatoes and about 6 ounces of chopped up bacon. covered it with wine and beef stock and we will eat it just before the meeting.

How is that for simplifying things????

I am not bothering with a picture. You've seen one beef stew you have seen them all. I just wanted to get one last post in before I leave. Gone for a week y'all.

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