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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meal planning for the week

After a very late night of eating and playing just dance, which conveniently helped work off that cake, I am sore and tired. But it is grocery shopping day here at the Silbaugh house, Which means meal planning. Not only do I cook pretty gourmet for my family. I do it for about $250 a week Which usually the type of food I make it would be $100 per meal, so I am happy. Thanks to coupons, reading the weekly sales and thegrocerygame.com which helps me stock my pantry for next to nothing. Last month I saved over $800 on groceries, by working maybe 1 or 2 hours per week on meal planning and coupon cutting. Once the meals are planned, it makes for a really easy week. I plan my meals around what meat is on sale. for instance this week Top Sirloin steaks are 60% off. So I plan on making top sirloin ... pretty easy. I have so much work to do this week. It is the week before my product release of dog clothes. An entire new line I designed from fabric, thread, buttons... will be made public March 1st. It is a lot of work. Now I am working on the new catalog too, so I need to plan out my week or nothing will get done. Plus I need the release time in the kitchen. That is my relaxation. To go in there and create... then I get the joy of eating my creation. I am wondering if I can ever make a better cake than that one last night. Wow. Thank you Bon Appetit for that one. Usually I change recipes, or create them myself, but that one was perfection. I will not change a thing.

on to meal planning. I will post my week menu when I am done. I am super excited too because my le cordon bleu advanced technique textbook came today. So I plan on mastering that puppy during the next few weeks. OH and my friend Devon, her Dad runs a sport fishing company and he is going to give us fresh fish June-November. I am SO excited. Lobster too!!! I think that if all I had to do was cook, I would be the happiest person ever. 

Does anyone know where I can get restaurant supplies at wholesale or affordable? I am running into issues where I need special tools, or certain shaped bowls and plates. If anyone knows of a place, email me.

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