Sunday, February 21, 2010

savings and menu

Just got back from Vons. Our grocery bill was $240 before club card savings and coupons. What we paid: $104.96. I am telling you ... way worth the time and effort. With that this is what I am making this week:

maiale fritto in pastella di formaggio and the Lo Scrigno di Venere again... I loved it and must have it again.
So it is cheese fried pork chops and yellow pasta shells stuffed with spinach fettucine. and a ceasar salad.

Lasagne Verdi Al Forno 
rotoli di aglio
Insalata di cetrioli
baked green lasagne with meat sauce, garlic cheese rolls and cucumber salad.

gamberi diablo
tilapia in camicia con salsa al burro di limone
limone broccoli aglio
marinated spicy prawns, poached tilapia with lemon butter sauce, lemon garlic broccoli

Bifteck saute Bernaise
carciofi alla romana di stile
patate fritte
Steak Bernaise, Artichokes roman style, fried potatoes

gamberetti dolci
Brasato di manzo in salsa di vino rosso
rafano aglio purè di patate
Beef braised in red wine sauce, horseradish garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp cakes

Pollo al marsala
risotto ai funghi
Chicken marsala, mushroom risotto and a light crisp salad.

I have not "planned" out my desserts yet. I know I will be making some, so stay tuned. Also this is just the weeks menu, not in order. I will switch days around. Pics to follow.
No cooking tonight. Date night with hubby.

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