Thursday, February 4, 2010

Francobolli - That's Ravioli for all us Americans

I am beat tired today. I did not sleep last night due to a migraine. So I am not my usual chipper self. I got up and worked and worked and worked on my 2010 Spring Marketing Campaign. Took me all day. I finally realized there was no way for me to get caught up on all my bible study homework. I missed last week due to the severe flu, then next week I am out of town to visit family and friends in Oregon. So I am not doing this series. So I had a little free time and I decided to make up some ravioli to keep me satisfied through the long work night ahead of me.

I made the pasta dough like yesterdays. This time with so much ease it was scary. I then stopped and read my new Batali book Babbo for a bit. He had an interesting recipe in there for ravioli but it called for cow brains.  So ... next. I decided to make my own filling. I used 2 lbs mortadella (for those who don't have that, just use 1lb mild italian sausauge and 1lb hot italian sausauge). I took the casing off and added 1/2 cup water to a saucepan. Moderate heat and covered it. I ground it up every few minutes until it was cooked through and looked like ground beef, then I took off heat to cool. In another pan I added 3TB olive oil and 3 sliced up yellow onions. Moderate heat stirring every few minutes until they caremelize. usually about 20 minutes. Once meat was cook I added 1lb ricotta cheese, 1tsp nutmeg, 1tsp salt and 1tsp pepper, then the onions to the meat. stir it all up and set aside to cool.

now for the fun part. Yay, making my first ravioli from scratch! I put a full rounded TB of the meat fixins in the middle of the dough:

I put some egg in betweek all the meat and along the sides then I folded it over and cut them, like show above. I then boiled 6 quarts of water is salty water. (less than last night). Only took 3 minutes. Then I scooped them out gently and tossed them in some butter.

I put them in a dish, added fresh basil and parmesan and TADA:

I have heard it said so many times that there is nothing like fresh pasta. There really isn't. My daughter said this was hands down the best pasta dish she has ever had. I don't think she has had fresh ravioli before in her life though, so I can't take all that credit. My husband had 2 heaping bowls. I sit here in a comfortable food coma and have to get back to work designging dog clothes. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. OH yeah.. leftovers went in the freezer for while I am in Oregon and my husband needs food. I plan on cooking all weekend, in between work.

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