Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't think I can ever eat boxed pasta again

So as I said the italian "textbook" came. I was supposed to just do leftovers tonight. I know, I say that a lot. The day got long and hard and I was so tired... and the textbook kept calling me "Hello... I'm here... open me". I am a sucker for cooking. Have I said that yet? I am blessed with a job that allows me to cut up my work hours. As long as I put the time in, I can shuffle it. So at around 3pm, I opened the book. After reading 134 pages, I could not stand it anymore. the leftovers can be served tomorrow while I am at my bible study.

First let me say I am proud to announce I mastered making pasta from scratch. Eggs and flour... that is it. After eating the finished dish, I have to say I do not think I can ever eat boxed pasta again. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! It wasn't that hard either. about 20 minutes. big deal!
I got 20 minutes. No problem.

I made Fettuccine al gorgonzola
First, the kids can figure out what it is by the name. Sorry about that. I was new to the whole homemade pasta thing. 2nd... no matter what the culinary schools say. Holy cow reign in on the salt. I used what they said and by all means even though we loved it, it was too salty.

For making the pasta from scratch, the textbook calls for 4 american eggs 3 cups american flour. You make a pile of flour and put a well in the middle of it. Crack the eggs in a seperate dish, wisk them up, then pour into the well. For those of you that don't have a kitchen aid, it is a bunch of fold and push fold and push. I however have a kitchen aid. If that thing ever dies I will be in line 2 seconds later to buy a new one. I made the pile of flour. did the well, put the eggs in the well... then put on my pasta knead attachement and left it for about 5 minutes.
Next I put on the automatic roller attachement. Look what I got:

Honestly folks, This was way too easy. I proceeded making sheets of pasta until I went through all the dough. Next it was time to cut them into fettucine The culinary book says to roll them and then slice them with a knife like so:

That was really easy. Dutiful husband took over that duty while I started boiling the water. Now here is where I really disagree with the book. It said to add 2 TB salt to the boiling water. Keep in mind I had 6 quarts water boiling.
Time to add the cut noodles:

They called for too much salt, TOOOOO salty for me.

However, The pasta turned out perfectly. Perfect texture. Next time I am going to try 1TB in the boiling water. The cheese sauce was great. Here is the recipe for Fettuccine Al Gorgonzola, but let me say, it is alll about the homemade pasta. We ate leftover cucumber tomato salad and leftover creme brulee too. I wish I could cook 8 hours a day instead. sigh...

Ingredients12 oz Fettucine

4 oz Gorgonzola cheese, diced

2 tb Basil, fresh, chopped

1/2 c Heavy cream

2 tb Parmesan cheese

2 tb Butter

5 tb Milk

Preparation: Cook pasta al dente and drain. Meanwhile, toss butter, milk and Gorgonzola into a heavy bottomed saucepan. Plaace over moderate heat and mash the cheese into a creamy sauce. Add cream and salt and pepper to taste. Heat to simmering point. Pour over pasta, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and basil and toss until pasta is thoroughly coated. Serve immediately sprinkle with parsley and fresh parmesan.

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