Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gluten Free Adorable Penguin and Snowman appetizers

My daughter is obsessed with Penguins. She loves them. I found this post on foodbuzz from "peas loves carrots." from over a year ago. These simple adorable appetizers are perfect for any holiday event that has kids. Maybe they will even eat their veggies? They are great table decorators too.
For the Penguins you'll need...

A can of medium California black olives
A can of large California black olives
An 8 oz pkg of cream cheese
A can of carrot coins
Toothpicks (for stabbing)

Simply slice one side of the large olive lengthwise and fill with cream cheese.
 Cut a little triangle pie shape out of a carrot coin and insert into hole of medium olive for the beak.  Then layer as shown and skewer that with a toothpick. 

For the snowmen you'll need...

Small fresh mozzarella "pearls" (available in tubs in many places)
Sliced seedless (English) cucumbers -
Whole roasted red peppers - sliced into long, thin strips
A can of medium California black olives
A can of large California black olives

Just cut as pictured below (for the top hat, you're just cutting off the very ends of the olives to make a cylinder shape) and assemble. Don't forget the toothpicks!

Here is some more pictures of them:
cute cute penguins!

Snowmen with the penguins:



  2. Thanks for this! Perfect for the black&white themed new year's party.

  3. ADORABLE!!!I saw these advertized on another site as well.

  4. These are the cutest little penguins ever. I love them. You put the fun into food.


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