Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Gluten Free Gravy

Thanksgiving is more of a challenge for me this year. Mainly because I have the world's most finicky son. If he even thinks something might be "vegetarian" or "gluten-free" he has a heart attack and won't even try it. He is very stubborn. He got that from me I guess. One bad thing about being a parent is handing down bad traits. So, I have assured him that I will make him his GLUTEN Thanksgiving and we can have our Gluten-Free Thanksgiving. So that means twice the amount of cooking. I do love to cook, but when it is already a huge meal, and I have to cook a carcass for the meat eaters... makes it not as much fun. I do however have fun making stuff I can eat. Gravy has always been one of my favorite things and it really is not hard to make it Gluten-Free and just as scrumptious.

You can either make your own stock, or use Gluten-Free Stock, you can use the turkey juices of if hardcore vegetarian use vegetable stock (not as good, but it works).
Unsalted Butter (so you can control the amount of salt that is in it)
Kosher salt.
Sorghum flour.
Sweet rice flour.

You need To make a roux. To do this combine equal parts butter and gluten-free flour (equal parts sorghum and sweet rice flour). Cook the roux until it is the color of a brown paper bag. Set it aside.

Heat up the stock to near boiling. Add the cooked roux into the stock 2 TB at a time, whisking vigorously to prevent lumps.

Season the gravy with salt and pepper until the to taste. I like to add fresh herbs to mine. Season to taste and you are done.Tada!

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