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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Look inside my kitchen

Most the time on here I post recipes and maybe every once in a while you will get a rant. I get a lot of questions about my animals so I thought I would share what it is like while I cook. First of all we have the circus dogs:
Whenever I am cooking and baking if I look over my shoulder... this is what I see. I cannot think of a time that they have not been just behind me the entire time I cook, just waiting for me to drop something. They are smart, because I do drop things on a regular basis. The one on the left is Spot. The one on the right is Tots. Spot is my sons Pomeranian. Tots is my daughters. If you look closely you can see a black paw at the top of the photo. That is Maggie. She never lets me get a picture of her with the pomeranians. She always heads outside the minute I pull out the camera. So I followed her. 
She is a sneaky girl that pretends she is not begging, but she is. 
Next we have the Chihuahuas that sit on the loveseat watching eagerly waiting for me to pay them attention or bring them a tasty morsel. 
Yes, they stare at me pretty much the entire time.  The one on the left is Cece and the one on the right is Peanut. 
So I usually have 5 eyes on me, and that is not including the kids. 
Then Daddy comes home and gives the Chihuahuas loving. 
But they continue to stare at me hoping that they will get a treat. 
As you can see I love my dogs. We all love our dogs.
Hope they made you smile.
Happy Cooking!
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