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West Steak and Seafood Review

Gluten-Free West Steak and Seafood Review
I am always talking about my daughter and her Celiac disease on this blog.  With her being Celiac and working in a restaurant, she meets others who have Celiac, or are gluten intolerant. I received this nice letter from a new reader about how she met my daughter. I thought I would share part of it: 
"Last night I took my husband to West for dinner. I asked them if they had any gluten free dishes and surprise, they had a gluten free menu. I was impressed. I went to use the restroom and the hostess, your daughter, whom i had already established a rapport with from my call to reserve a table because her name was my daughter's middle name and we got talking about it when we waited for our table.  She asked if the gluten free menu was for me. I said yes.  she told me she was celiac. So we kept talking and she told me that she first thought she was just intolerant of gluten until the bed head shampoo she was using was making her hair fall out and you discovered it had wheat in it and then she discovered she was celiac.

The manager overheard us talking and said her mom had a gluten free recipe blog. I have a few blogs as well and I love them. So knowing this intrigued me. I just switched to a gluten free diet two weeks ago due to intolerances. I am Italian and love to eat too. So this site is going to come in handy and I love how I came to find it. Your daughter is a sweetheart." ~Christine

So today I thought I would share a gluten free review of the restaurant she works at. Taylor and I had a date to eat at West Steak and Seafood which serves up some of North County’s finest meat and seafood with chef Eugenio Martignago who is a culinary genius. They practice Farm to table which I think makes a huge difference in the quality of produce they serve. On the outside, it is a cute little restaurant and you would never know what awaits you on the inside. 
Here is Taylor outside:
Here is their night shot:
Then you walk in and find a modern upscale oasis. First thing I noticed was their wine cellar:
They also have a great happy hour menu and a new inventive night out called "Sips and Bites",  Nice, i am going to have to try that with the ladies, or on a date night with my husband!
 Here is what their bar looks like:
The Dining room was swamped for a Monday night in my opinion. That is a good thing! Hopefully it is a sign that the economy is on an upswing? Or maybe it is just because the food is fabulous. Here is a quick shot I took from our booth:
Here is a quick shot of Taylor and I in our nice private booth:
They have a very full gluten free menu... yes, this entire menu is gluten-free:
Taylor ordered: Lobster tail and 4 jumbo shrimp with garlic butter sauce. It comes with a choice of 2 sides and she chose: sauteed wild mushrooms and potatoes au gratin with caramelized onions and bacon. 
I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with lemon butter. Now before I get hate mail. Chilean Sea bass are no longer endangered. I asked and got the scoop. You can read more about the Chilean Sea Bass they serve here. It is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Yes, I did educate myself. It was so good. It was served exactly as it should be; rich, moist meat with a buttery flavor that just melts in your mouth. The two sides I chose; Broccoli, and roasted Asparagus with hollandaise. Yes, I did pour it on both veggies. 
We also had a Greek salad, but we split it and I didn't get a good picture. 
For dessert Taylor chose the fruit sorbet:
I chose the White Chocolate Creme Brulee:
So there you have it. Our Gluten Free Feast at West. 
Everything was divine. I loved the presentation and taste of the food, the service was impeccable (Ann Marie is great!) and the ambiance was perfect. West Steak and Seafood is definately a higher priced restaurant, but well worth it. In my opinion the food is better than many of the high end restaurants I have been to. You should go if you like gourmet. Who knows, maybe my daughter will be the one to seat you. If you do choose to dine there Call for Reservations! They usually are booked a week in advance. Their number is: 

Their address is:

4980 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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  1. I just found your blog tonight and LOVE it! We traveled this past summer to the San Diego area and I was impressed at the number of places I could eat gluten-free. I couldn't even make it to them all during our week there. I'm adding this to my San Diego map so that when I go back I can go to this restaurant.
    Thanks for all of your posts!


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