Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WOW Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week

Alright. Any one else out there having problems with people not understanding the gluten issue? I am so sick of people thinking it is just a "trend". Let me explain what happens to my daughter if she has gluten.
I can tell within 5 minutes if she has been infected with gluten. What happens? She gets a blotchy red rash in various places. Her chest, neck and back are a big one. She becomes a complete grouch. She complains of a headache. Her stomach hurts. She gets tired and feels like a nap is needed, but she is in too much pain to sleep. Within the next few days she turns mental. I don't say that to be mean. She can't help it. She gets kind of out of it. Depressed and snaps at anything that is said.  Let's not go into the abdominal issues that happen, internal bleeding etc. So those of you out there that don't believe in Celiac or Gluten Intolerance. You need to understand this DISEASE. Please and thank you. I would give anything for a cure. This is coming from someone who is NOT gluten Intolerant. Our lives have been turned upside down by this disease because someone we love has been plagued. Yes, sometimes it slips in the diet. It is HARD for someone to keep it out of their diet. Anyone who scoffs or makes fun of it is simply ignorant.

I am so happy to say though, that there are fabulous companies out there that are making life so much easier for us now. Have you heard of WOW? Wow baking company? I heard of them through my Mom when she came for a recent visit. My Mom is not gluten intolerant or Celiac, but she had gone to a health conference on her way to see us. She mentioned to someone that she had a Celiac daughter and they gave her a bag of Wow Baking Company's Lemon Burst cookies. The bag made it home to us, but not before my Mom had opened them and enjoyed some. She could not believe how good they were. Most people think of dry and grainy when they think of pre-packaged gluten free food. These cookies were moist and chewy. I laughed as I drove my Mom to our house from the airport and she was eating the cookies. Don't worry, there were plenty left for Taylor to try them. Taylor had the same reaction. She LOVED them. These cookies come highly recommended by Taylor and my Mom who is a regular gluten eating woman. As they state on their website "they rival the best traditional gourmet cookies". For this reason they get our Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week. The bags of cookies come in several flavors; Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Ginger molasses, Lemon Burst, and Peanut Butter. They also have brownies, individual cookies and cake mix which we have yet to try. If they are anything like the cookies I am sure you will be hearing from us about them again in the future. Check out their site and get yours today at: http://wowbaking.elsstore.com/
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  1. I am sorry to hear about your daughter! Thanks for sharing your review! It's always good to hear about products that work!

  2. Yes you are so right. I too have gluten intolerance but not celiac. If I have gluten, I get puffy eyes and I bleed badly when I eliminate solids. Wheat affects us all even if we are not aware of it. It is an inflammatory which is why many people have aching joints as they age.
    When you can't digest gluten, the undigested gluten triggers your immune system to attack the lining of your small intestine, which can cause diarrhea or constipation, bleeding, nausea, eczema, acne, abdominal pain and the list goes on. Over time, your small intestine is damaged, can't absorb nutrients such as iron and calcium leading to anemia, osteoporosis to name but a few.
    Yes Christi, thanks to your help, a new world of eating has opened up to us all.....


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