Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pan-Seared Tilapia with Jalepeno Lemon Butter

I have really come to love Tilapia. It is so easy to make and adapts the taste of whatever you cook it in. I absolutely love to have citrus, spice and butter. Because I am not a big meat eater, I was so suprised at how much I love this fish. I would have been happy eating the entire platter. The entire family gobbled it down. I am keeping this one on file for a quick yummy meal. I will update this post eventually with a good picture of the final product. I got distracted with how good it was and didn't take a picture. 
Pan-Seared Tilapia with Jalapeno Lemon Butter
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1/2 stick butter, softened 
1 tablespoon finely chopped shallot 
1 teaspoon finely grated fresh lemon zest 
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice 
1 teaspoon minced Jalapeno 
1/4 teaspoon salt 
6 (5- to 6-oz) pieces skinless tilapia fillet 
1/2 teaspoon salt 
2 tablespoons vegetable oil 

Make  Jalapeno lemon butter:
Stir together butter, shallot, zest, lemon juice, Jalapeno, and salt in a bowl.
Pat fish dry and sprinkle with salt. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over moderately high heat until just smoking. Sauté 3 pieces of fish, turning over once with a spatula, until golden and just cooked through, 4 to 5 minutes, and transfer to a plate. Sauté remaining fish in remaining tablespoon oil in same manner.
Serve each piece of fish with a dollop of Jalapeno lime butter
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  1. Anything with fish and jalapeno catches my eyes! This looks tasty! Have a wonderful week!


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