Friday, November 28, 2014

Plan for the New Year!

Hey friends! Is anyone interested in doing a 7-day shakeology challenge starting at the NEW YEAR?

This would be for my readers who are not yet on/addicted to shakeology yet but are on the fence and interested in trying it out for a week to see if this is something that could be of help to them. We will all be replacing one snack a day with shakeology, eating clean and being as active as possible! The 7 days will give you a good amount of time to start feeling the "energy" from shakeology as well as many other benefits! 

I plan on providing a 7-day clean eating meal plan for the week and I think this would be a GREAT way to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle in 2015!

You would just be paying for your Shakeology and the shipping (I have to put these together by hand, because you have to buy a month of Shakeology from the company.) 
It would be $30 for a week and it starts JANUARY 2nd so you have one day to recover from your New Year Shenanigans. 

so clean out your cabinets and let’s start the NEW YEAR fresh!! If anyone is interested let me know so I can plan accordingly! Thank you!

Simply email me: and I will get you the details. 

(P.S Picture is  yet another superfood ingredient in shakeology, and another bomb diggity recipe ).

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