Wednesday, November 19, 2014

December's Clean Eating Crock Pot Group

I am in the middle of leading this amazing group right now on this clean eating challenge. It is going so well, we are getting a lot of people asking to join midway through. SO back by popular demand, we are doing another one December 1st!

Free grocery list, FREE recipes, FREE support and motivation.
Why do it? One week of putting real whole food in your body can change everything. Your mood, Your aches and pains, Your sleep habits, your outlook on life.
Why not clear out your body before Thanksgiving? I think you are all capable of eating clean for one week. I also think the way you feel at the end of the week will blow your mind.
If you are planning to change your lifestyle in 2015, this is the perfect first step. Life is all about balance. We all over do it on Thanksgiving so this is a great way to balance it out.

Okay Holidays! Not this year! I'm not going to let all the deliciousness of holiday foods do me in!! I have worked hard on my fitness goals and I LOVE that I've learned how to eat clean and still ENJOY my meals--just as much as when those meals were not healthy! Quite a few of you have been asking for recipes and/or meal plans suited for the holidays and winter festivities that your family will be sure to enjoy! All while saving TIME by using my favorite kitchen appliance--MY CROCKPOT!!! So, I've decided it's time for another FREE clean eating focus group!! You IN? 

7 day this time and it is FREE! Can't beat that price, eh? 
My last group, people dropped anywhere from 3-8 a week!! Not too shabby!!

I will be providing a complete "Crockpot" meal plan (easy to follow and yummy!) WITH shopping list! Everyone will be expected to do some sort of exercise but I will provide some workout plans too. {But walking your dog would count too!}
It'll also include: 
•Daily motivation/check-in 
•My tips on getting those most out of your work outs 
•Support from the group 
•My favorite healthy snacks
YES?? Simply ask to join the group here: 
We will get this party started on December 1st So, mark your calendars!

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