Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chlorella a superfood you need, especially for those at high risk for cancer

I love learning more about health and nutrition every single day. There is always more to learn and they are always finding new #superfoods out there that used to be overlooked.I especially search for things that keep#Cancer away. Being a one year #cancersurvivor I know first hand the importance of every thing I put in my body. A once self proclaimed smoothie hater, that now can't live without her morning dose of #cancerfighting ingredients.
Because I got a crash course in nutrition during my cancer battle, I realized most people don't even know this stuff. They blindly go to the supermarket and buy box after box of processed chemicals to put in their body. Not even thinking about where all the non-food items go in their bodies after they are done.
The sad truth is, most of the time it doesn't go anywhere. You know how a piece of sand gets stuck in an oyster and it makes a pearl? Well it does the same thing to you, but that pearl is a tumor a syst, a growth. etc.. Everything you put in your body either helps you or hurts you, there is no in between. I hope you take a second and learn about #chlorella today. I don't go a day without it!
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