Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Tuesday huge savings in fitness starts now!

SURPRISE!!!! It is live NOW! Couple hours early. Better hurry! 

If you are thinking of giving the gift of health and fitness this year, then today is your day. Beachbody is having a HUGE pre-black friday sale.

This is my first year selling during the holiday season, but I am told this stuff sells out within a few hours. So if you are thinking about making the commitment for the new year. Get your stuff NOW!
Here is some info on what is available.

25% less than a coaches price! TurboFire® Deluxe DVDs+Journal is 50% off!!!
This item sells out quick. Get yours HERE

My personal favorite P90X 2 is 58% off!
This is crazy! You get it for less than a coach does! PLUS it comes with P90X so you get 2 for one! Craziness! Get yours HERE

This is a beachbody coach favorite. PUMP! Especially for those of us trying to build muscle mass. Huge savings at 60% off. This will sell out in a matter of hours! Don't miss out!

Who loves a little Combat? This girl! At 6o% off I am super excited to be able go get my own finally!! Get yours HERE before it is all sold out!

Oh yes, Beachbody would not be complete without a little Shaun T.
Who doesn't love some INSANITY? This is never on sale. One of our most popular items. Get yours here before it is gone!

Our Slim series is 67% off!!! This is a great workout for those that like lower impact but want great results. Get yours here Before it is too late!

I am not listing everything we have on sale here. It would take a while. Please feel free to look over the list. If you see something you want. EMAIL ME and I will get back to you with how to get the offer before it is too late!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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