Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poisson Au Four Avec Beurre Blanc (Baked fish with butter and wine sauce)

As a lot of you know I was pretty sick with a migraine the past couple days. Yesterday it got so bad I had to go on some narcotics. I slept half the day, and the other half I watched reruns of The Iron Chef. I tend to Tivo any of them that have Batali on it. He is one of my heroes. Yes, I realize he is just a big guy with orange Crocks and matching hair. But he is a genius! His food never fails me. One day I hope to meet him, and actually eat food HE cooks rather than his hired chefs. One of my favorite episodes is the one where he makes ravioli with an egg yolk inside. When I say egg yolk, I mean a solid raw untouched egg yolk. Every judge that ate it just drooled and said it was the best thing ever. So I have to make it. After searching and searching. I found it!!! I already know my son probably won’t touch this one with a 10 foot pole. But my daughter and husband will love trying it. After the last few days I really need some time in my kitchen. Thankfully because of my cooking fetish whenever I am sick, we have plenty for everyone to live off of until I get better.

There were 4 different coupon inserts in the LA times today. WOW! My grocery bill for this next week only came to $209.53. Not too shabby. I will have no problem feeding my family plus all the drop by's with what I have purchased.

So Today’s menu:
Poisson Au Four Avec Beurre Blanc (Baked fish with butter and wine sauce)
Caesar with a garlic Tuile (Caesar salad with a garlic cookie)

I forgot to mention the portland coffee cake I had to make.It was so good. yum!

As stated before, I will post the 3 recipes seperate so it will be easier to find recipes on the blog at a later date.

During this down time I read when my head would allow it. That can be dangerous, especially when I read about cooking. It leads to me wanting more cooking tools. I saw this super cool oriental noodle dumpling press. I may have to get that. I also read up on how to make cheese from scratch. I am starting that process which is actually simple, just takes waiting time. So expect a blog on that in 2 days.

Tip of the day: When i cook with wine, I generally go get beringer or something affordable. There is no need to waste a $40 bottle that is going to cook off anyway. 2 weeks ago I got 6 bottles of the Beringer that was normally $9.99 a bottle for $2.50 each. It was a sale that week so I bought 6 bottles since that was the limit. Down here in Cali they have all the liquor in the store so I was also able to pick up some good brandy that I use on my mushrooms for dirt cheap too. When it calls for a white, I almost always use Chardonnay. I always use Cabernet for red.

Here is the recipe for the Beurre Blanc fish. I use a Chardonnay in this obviously. I am going to try in the future to have you be able to click on the recipe title and download the recipe card that will look like this:

Poisson Au Four Avec Beurre Blanc (Baked fish with butter and wine sauce)   recipe part 2


Next on to the Batali ravioli. Yum!

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