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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break... 3 weeks of it

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break. When you live in California you get to enjoy an extra long one, because different states have different Spring Breaks. There is usually Friends and Family that come down to visit. This next week The Wades, our best friends from Oregon, are coming to visit. The day they fly out, My sister and her family come for the next week. Then the week after is our States Spring break. My kids are heading to Oregon to visit friends and Family and I will be working my patootie off getting ready for our Pet Industry show in Baltimore Maryland. This is a huge show for those of us that make dog clothes. So I am not sure how much blogging will be going on for the next few weeks. I will be cooking a lot for company. I just will also want to soak up every spare second I have with them, so i am not sure how much I will document what I am cooking. I will try! I know I will at least a few times a week.

Sunday is the biggest discount grocery day of the week, and our company doesn't arrive until tonight, so I am organizing my coupons and getting ready for the quick grocery trip. Vons (Safeway for my Oregon friends) gets my vote this week on the best savings. They have my strawberries again. 2 pounds for $3. Oh yeah, I am making my cake again for company, and those basil strawberry martini's. Those were dang good! AND the strawberry shortcake... and it is only $3, course you have flour and sugar and eggs, but still... I can make the stuff for next to nothing. Not only that, but whole chickens are only $0.77 a pound. There is a ton on sale there, so I am giving them my business this week. I bet you that we will feed all of our company for under $250 per week. I know we will. We pretty much have company every night as it is any way. With all my kids friends and our friends, our door is always open. Most of my daughters friends know I cook and tend to show up around dinner time. So it will be a piece of cake... literally. Happy Spring Everyone!!


  1. Glad I found your blog on Foodbuzz. Loking forward to reading more.

  2. I hope you have a ncie time during spring break.


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