Monday, March 15, 2010

Steak Dijionase

Things are so busy at work. As most of you know we finished our production of our cute adorable footie pajamas for dogs. The release was delayed a little because getting the fit right was important to us. We finished and then Nikki over at did a great review of them for us. If you haven't seen it you should check it out! Even if you don't dress your dog. So obviously we make dog clothes and the designing, making, shipping, marketing etc... takes a lot of work and a lot of time. It is 81 degrees outside and I haven't been able to spend any time out there! Our friends are coming next week, so I will for sure get some sun time in.

Can I just mention again today about my lime tree? We picked up all the limes last night that had fell. Well.. look how many fell over night:

Note how yellow they are because they are as ripe as they can get. So Randy went and hacked the crap out of our tree. hahahaha look at it now:

It is only going to make it produce even more, but at least the sun makes it into my backyard. I will be making a lot of things with lime or substituting lime for lemon. Even though we have lemons, we have much much much more limes.

Today being Monday was extra busy, so I went for making Steak Dijionase. It isn't tough, it is pretty quick, but still gives the gourmet feel.

Steak Dijionase
4 6oz Sirloin steaks
2 TB Dijon Mustard
4 TB diced onions
2 TB Clarified Butter
6 TB Heavy Cream
2 TB Unstalted Butter
Salt and Pepper TT
1/4 cup of white wine to deglaze pan

Pound the tarnation out of the steaks til they are 1/4 inch thin.

 Cover each side with 1 1/2 tsp of the dijion mustard and then press half the onion on one side and press the other half of the onion on the other side.

Saute the steaks in clarified butter.

Remove and put in a warm place. Deglaze the pan with a splash of white wine, add the cream and reduce by half.
Add the rest of the mustard. Stir in butter 1 TB at a time. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve each steak with sauce poured over them. This recipe is really good with a simple brown rice or potato recipe. I served it with Hawaiian rolls and garlic and buttered asparagus as well.

here is my plate:

My hubby is a big eater. here is his plate:

And here is his plate 10 minutes later:

The girls were extra happy because I had bought T bone steaks, I trim off the steak and find it extra scrumptious and the dogs get to chew the bones. Look how cute Cece is in her hair bow guarding her bone!

My TIP OF THE DAY is more of an answer to a question. "Why do I have to use unsalted butter?" Butter was originally salted to help preserve it. However, with modern refrigeration and distribution, salt is now used mainly because many people like the flavor. The amount of salt in salted butter can vary among brands, from 1/4 teaspoon per stick to 1/2 teaspoon. The reason recipes call for unsalted butter is so you can control the amount of salt in a recipe. This can be important in baking, especially with delicate flavors such as vanilla, citrus, floral or herbs, which are more easily masked by too much salt. Salt also allows for a higher boiling temperature. Most of the time you CAN use salted, but you will need to adjust the salt to taste and be careful with cooking temperatures.

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