Tuesday, March 13, 2012

El's Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week

It is time for our Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week!
This week it goes to El's Gluten Free Snacks!
I always feel bad when I bring home groceries. My son has his own spot for his "crap food". That is what I call it. Cheetos, spicy munchies etc... He loves them. Taylor used to, before we found out we were killing her. Enter El's Gluten Free snacks:

No gluten, No preservatives, No trans fats, No cholesterol, No fake colors, No fake flavors, No hydrogenated oil, No GMOs, No eggs, Just pure ingredients. 
Taylor is excited to be able to have snack food again!
They have a great article on their site about gluten. You can see it HERE

If your local store does not carry them, you can buy them directly from El's.  They have 4 great snacks:
Original Medleys: Mixed with our own secret spice blend, our Original Medleys have a unique, zesty flavor reminiscent of those snack mixes you thought you couldn’t have any more.
Sour Cream and Onion Medleys: A classic blend of herbs in our delicious snack mix will make you forget you’re eating gluten-free.
Cheddar Medleys: El’s addictive White Cheddar blend has real cheese that will keep you coming back for more.
Bagel Snaps Gluten-free bagel chips with a touch of spice to tickle your tastebuds.
Check them out! 
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