Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jovial Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week

Today we had the pleasure of reviewing jovial
Have you heard of them? For many reasons they are getting the Gluten Free Grab and Go pick of the week. 
First of all their Chocolate Cream Filled cookies are divine. They are not like any other pre-packaged gluten free cookie we have tried. 

Taylor was excited to tear into these babies. 

We love that they have individual packets on the inside. Taylor said; "How smart! This will keep me from over-eating!" 
She loved them. 
I thought; "Perfect for a grab and go!"
Then I had to go ahead and make something with them. A little top-heavy but good.
Recipe? Here you go!
 Jovial Cookies
Sliced Strawberries. 
That is it!
There is not much that doesn't go with chocolate in my opinion.

When I was reading up on their company I came across a great article on their page. Here is a portion of it, for those of you out there that can't wrap their mind around the Gluten issue;
" More and more people are eliminating gluten from their diet and an increasing number of individuals are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Gluten-free diets have also been used in conjunction with the treatment of other medical conditions, such as Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Others report not having any particular medical condition but feeling better when limiting wheat consumption.

Put simply, gluten sensitivity is caused by the inability to break down wheat protein or gluten during digestion. Large proteins remain undigested in the small intestine, creating inflammation. This creates damage to the walls of the intestines and the inability to properly absorb nutrients. As more and more undigested proteins become present over a period of time, the body’s immune system eventually begins to see them as invaders and starts to fight them with an autoimmune response. Years of this hidden internal activity can lead to many symptoms and additional serious health concerns. When symptoms overcome good health, it is time to completely eliminate gluten from your diet. The good news is that restoring and maintaining good health is more important than eating gluten. Eliminating gluten is the only way to heal and if your immune response has led you to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, you must eliminate gluten from your diet completely. More and more delicious tasting gluten free products are available these days, so maintaining a gluten free diet is becoming less of a sacrifice."

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