Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Fruit Cups

Those of you that don't know me personally, probably don't know about my food allergies. The truth is I am not allergic to Gluten, nor do I have Celiac. My daughter does. My husband has Asperger's and taking gluten out of his diet also helps him cope with his disease.  That is why we took gluten out of our diets, and why I cook all day long, to keep her safe, and him sane. I do however have a lot of food allergies. One of them is pumpkin. I actually am not allergic to it when it is cooked. It is just when it is raw. Which means; no pumpkin carving at our house. Even though I have gloves, I can't even inhale the raw pumpkin, it just is too dangerous to my body. It is Okay though, the kids haven't missed out. During this time of year there is a lot of pumpkin carving going on at various events and they always seem to get a pumpkin and carve it. So this trick is something I have learned to let the kids get some carving action going.You can fill them with fruit, candy, whatever you like. They are great to take to Halloween parties and are always a great hit. 

 I recently found out my skin is allergic to Citrus, so you will see pictures of me wearing my sexy gloves below. Gotta protect my hands! 

What you will need:
A pairing knife
Items you want to fill the oranges with: apples, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, orange slices, blueberries, Candy, nuts...the possibilities are endless. 

Start off by cutting off the top of your orange.
Next you are going to use your knife to cut out the fruit. 
Then using your fingers, gently pull out the fruit.
Slice up the fruit you would like to put inside. 
Add your fruit to the "pumpkin orange". The citrus keeps the fruit from browning.
I cut the rind off of one of the apples and pushed it through the top of the orange to make a stem. 

You can keep them in the fridge up to 24 hours before you serve them. 
See how cute they are! 
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  1. Totally making this for Amelia Rose

  2. These Halloween fruit cups are too cute! Sorry to hear you are allergic to raw pumpkin. Glad you found a way to enjoy carving your "jack-o-lantern"

  3. My youngest son has eczema and any raw citrus or fruit burns his skin. You may want to ask your doctor if that could be why citrus bothers your skin. Great idea with the fruit cups, so cute!


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