Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gluten-Free is Easy Cookbook

Hey everyone, Today I am giving you a look inside the cookbook that is coming out and information on how to pre-order. We are doing all pre-orders to the public through Kickstarter. Since our credit card processing won't allow us to do pre-orders, this was the easiest way to make it available to you. By donating through kickstarter you are reserving your copy of the book that will be shipped to you one month before it is available in the bookstores. You can order your book HERE.  Below I have copied the kickstarter project that was written by the editor and co-author Michele Vilseck. Remember you are not "donating" you are actually buying your book. 

We are excited to offer two new rewards: 

1. Get your cookbook today for only $18.00 and free shipping! Hurry, this offer is only available for first 50 people who donate through kickstarter .
2. A DAY WITH THE CHEF. Dinner for 12 and a Day with writer Christi Silbaugh. Chef/Author Christi Silbaugh will fly to your town (anywhere in the United States) to prepare a 4 course Gluten-Free dinner for you and 11 of your friends and family. Spend the day learning her secrets. Ask questions and get one on one guidance and cooking lessons. Time for the event is flexible to your schedule.

Let me introduce you to the book!  We have included several fabulous features that make this a must-have for all gluten-free eaters.

Our cookbook is for cooking!  We've made it landscape format so that the pages will stay open while you cook.
Each recipe is easy to make and easy to read. We've included extras like gluten-free products suggestions, full color photos, and tips for living gluten-free.
You'll also find great resources that you can reference like... Helpful Websites where you can find recipe blogs and places to purchase gluten-free products.  Our Favorite Products section contains a comprehensive list of the gluten-free products we love and use.  The Gluten-free Toolbox is where you'll find a shopping list of items you'll need for your pantry.  Featured Tips will give you the best advice on how to live gluten-free.  The Gluten-Free Toolbox gives you suggested shopping lists for getting started.  
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Backing Our Project

As a backer for this project, you will be helping make the gluten-free experience easier for yourself and thousands of people.  Your donations will help pay for final production AND printing costs.  It takes a lot of books to spread the word, and we need your help printing them!  Remember, you are pre-ordering the book, so you've got nothing to lose!  Thank you in advance for making our dreams become a reality.


You can pre-order through kickstarter HERE!

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