Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts

We have a house guest this week. She loves Fried Chicken, so I wanted to make it a little different for her. Since my husband is a spice freak and my daughter has the biggest sweet tooth, this recipe was a perfect way to combine the two. Success! The house guest went back for seconds and so did my husband and daughter. The boy liked it too. At the end of each meal I usually holler: "so remake or no?" They all yelled "REMAKE!" So this one is a keeper!

Gluten Free Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts
adapted from Rock Recipes
4 large boneless chicken breasts cut in half.
4 eggs

8 tbsp water
Flour Spice Mix:
2 cups gluten free flour (I used Maninis)

4 tsp salt
4 tsp black pepper
3 tbsp ground ginger
2 tbsp ground nutmeg
2 tsp ground thyme
2 tsp ground sage
2 tbsp paprika
1 tsp cayenne pepper

Honey Garlic Sauce:
In a medium saucepan add
2 tbsp olive oil
3 – 4 cloves minced garlic
Cook over medium heat to soften the garlic but do not let it brown.
1 cup honey
¼ cup gluten free soy sauce -or- braggs amino acids
1 tsp ground black pepper

Simmer together for 5-10 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. 

Place the chicken breasts between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and using a meat mallet, pound the meat to an even 1/2 inch thickness.

Make an egg wash by whisking together 4 eggs and 8 TBSP water.
Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper, then dip the meat in the flour and spice mix. Dip the breast into the eggwash and then a final time into the flour and spice mix, covering thoroughly.
Heat a skillet on the stove with about a half inch of canola oil covering the bottom. Heat the oil to 350 degrees and cook 5 minutes per side until golden brown and crispy.
Drain on a wire rack for a couple of minutes before pouring the Honey Garlic Sauce on top. 

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  1. We are still waiting to see if my boyfriend has celiac disease and I am so glad that I found your blog. If it's confirmed that he does have it, I am definitely going to be cooking this and relying on your blog for some guidance. He keeps saying, "What am I going to eat?!" and I'm so glad to find that he still has so many options!

  2. Wow sounding too flavourful and yummy!!!

  3. Ooooo...MMmmmmmm....Sluuuurrrrrp! I would so go for this chicken!! Wow!!! What a great dish. :)

  4. I made this same dish a few weeks ago. By far one of the highlights in chicken this year. We'll be remaking it as well!


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